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A security consultant and former security operator, I transitioned into security training and facilitation before undertaking full time studies in the security sciences.

Upon completion, I was contracted by the NZSA Training Division as a trainer and facilitator. During my NZSA tenure I was an auditor of the Codes of Practice programme and travelled nation wide auditing security companies. 

I continue to consult to NZSA and industry, providing security solutions for anyone concerned about protecting their assets.

Risk Management Solutions

NZSA Awards 2016

Recipient of the Security Consultant of the year award 2016

Asset Management Services

Lincoln Potter PSP is an independent security consultant. Mr Potter is the ASIS International New Zealand Chapter immediate past deputy-chairperson (and previously treasurer) and a security professional of over 25 years experience. He has been a trainer and auditor of the Codes of Practice programme for the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA).

Corporate Risk Management

ASIS International: Meritorious Service Award 2018

In recognition of work to foster the spirit of goodwill and professionalism within ASIS International. Presented at the NZSA office by Peter J O'Neil  ASIS (CEO), Malcom C Smith (CPP) Board of Directors, and in the presence of Andrew Thorburn ASIS NZ Chapter Chair.

Physical Security Consultant

Published: The New Zealand Security Magazine NZSM

  • The Perfect Storm: Training in the NZ security industry

  • Guarding in a post compliant society

  • Monitoring centre shell builds

  • Monitoring centre alternate power sources

  • Protecting crowded places from terror attack: Interview

The Importance of Risk Management Solutions in the Modern Era

From digital threats to physical disaster, modern Auckland, New Zealand businesses need to mitigate risks wherever they can. Risk management solutions are a set of comprehensive assessments, designed to help a company better understand and react to its potential risks.

Protect Your Organization from Threat

At any time, an unpredicted threat could cause financial harm to your business. Your business may have insurance to deal with immediate issues, but what about the downtime? What about the loss of clientele? It's better to avoid a threat entirely.

Conducting Risk Analysis, Audits, and Mitigation

A risk management solution will go over potential threats, analyzing them for likelihood. Through audits, they'll make recommendations on how to best prepare for and mitigate these threats as they occur, helping your business prepare for the worst.


Risk management solutions aren't optional. From the smallest business to the largest business, it's important to be prepared for the threats that your business could face. Contact SME Physical and Electronic Security Consulting in the Te Atatu Peninsula to schedule an appointment today.

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