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Enterprise Risk Management

Starting an Enterprise Risk Management Policy

As your business grows, it becomes time to create an enterprise risk management policy. An enterprise risk management policy is a policy that is designed to manage and mitigate potentially harmful issues with the company.

Begin by Identifying Hazards

You can begin your risk management policy by identifying your major hazards. Take a good look at your existing policies and see if there are areas in which your physical or electronic security could be at risk, such as software that hasn't been updated.

Create Written Policies to Deal With Hazards

Any issues should be addressed through a written policy. A security consulting service can help you identify solutions to your problems which follow industry-wide best practices.

Modify and Update Your Risk Management Policy

Your risk management policy should adapt and grow with your business. Periodically, you should modify and update your risk management policy to account for new risks.


With a comprehensive set of processes, your enterprise can develop a risk management policy that will grow with it. You can get started by contacting the experts at SME Physical and Electronic Security Consulting in Auckland, New Zealand.

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