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Security Surveys: Comprehensive Reporting

Perimeter, building, interior, equipment, personnel, procedures and crime statistics. Vulnerability descriptions and Solutions are clearly presented in this reporting.

Methodology is by way of initial meeting to determine scope. Conduct survey and write report. Debrief meeting to discuss findings with a view to applying solutions in order to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Site visits can take 1 to 2 days for a small business and 3 or more days for a meduim business depending on size and complexity of building footprint, number of floors and additional buildings within the perimeter.

Pricing for small business reporting is from $2500 and medium business reporting from $4500

Risk Analysis: Basic

Basic reporting covers the likelihood and consequence of generic criminal threats impacting on a business and causing a loss event, this report includes local area crime statistics ( depending on availability ). Reporting from $2500

Risk Analysis: Advanced

This reporting moves the consequence of loss events into criticality and identifies the impacts on business, community and individuals. Impacts on company branding or iconic status, this is a holistic risk review requiring the development of specific threat scenarios. 

Development of risk landscapes, threat trees and adversarial analysis is normally addressed at this stage depending on stakeholders requirements. Reporting from $8000

Security Controls: Application of Controls to Minimise Risk

A security survey must be completed prior to this reporting. This reporting covers the application of physical and electronic controls to minimise risk, including a vulnerability assessment of existing security controls.

Site visits are required to document placement and suitability of existing and intended controls. Rates are: $400 half day and $800 full day

Design Based Threat Theory (DBT) is applied to adversarial pathways. This is technical reporting requiring drawings ( as-build ).

Drawings cover the location of IDS ( intruder detection system ), EAS ( electronic access control System ), CSS ( camera surveillance systems ), and fields of view ( FoV ) and lastly connectivity drawings. Drawing development is at $120 / Hour.


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