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Physical Security Consultant

Hiring a Physical Security Consultant in Auckland, New Zealand

Does your business need to hire a physical security consultant? Many companies invest quite a lot within their digital security without considering their physical security needs.

The Importance of a Physical Security Consultant

You may have ensured that your company's network is protected, but what if someone simply walked into your business and pulled a hard drive out of one of your computers? Are all of your employees' phones locked? Are their computers?


Physical security attacks are becoming more commonplace, as it's now more difficult to engage in digital hacks and easier to engage in physical ones. A physical security consultant can help.

Conduct a Physical Security Risk Assessment Today

A physical security risk assessment will go over your company's current physical security and potential flaws, from unencrypted data to unlocked and uncontrolled devices. Schedule an appointment today with SME Physical and Electronic Security Consulting in Te Atatu Peninsula.

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