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Physical Security Risk Assessment

The Importance of an Annual Physical Security Risk Assessment

When was the last time you had your Auckland, New Zealand company's physical security checked? An annual physical security risk assessment is the perfect way to identify any potential gaps in your security. Physical security risk assessments go through your current security policies to identify any problems.

Keep Your Employees Safe

If you have valuable equipment or assets on-site, your employees could be at risk of a break-in or theft. Your employees can be kept safer through a physical security risk assessment, which will identify risks and suggest ways to mitigate it. Your digital information could also be at risk, as criminals may attempt to break in to steal physical documentation.

Your Security May Have Gaps

A regular physical security risk assessment is important because a company's security can drift over time. New employees can be hired and security can become lax. A risk assessment will update your security protocols to the more modern protocols while also improving upon any processes that may have fallen by the wayside.


A physical security risk assessment, conducted annually, will reduce the chances of your company experiencing a catastrophic issue such as physical theft or identity theft. For more information, contact the experts at SME Physical and Electronic Security Consulting in Auckland, New Zealand.

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