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NZSA: Security Consultants Certificate of Competence

This qualification covers the following subject matter:

  • Risk and Threat: Identify, analyse, evaluate and treat.

  • Hazard Analysis: Factor analysis, Fema model, SMUG system.

  • UK Operational Requirements: CPNI levels 1 and 2.

  • Security Surveys: Vulnerabilities.

  • Standards: Standards documents

PSP Cert

ASIS International: Physical Security Professional (PSP) Board Certification

Internationaly recognised security qualification the PSP covers three domains.

  • Domain 1: Identify assets and determine loss impact and criticality, assess threats, conduct security survey, perform risk analysis.

  • Domain 2: Establish security system requirements, apply security measures, develop and document system.

  • Domain 3: Procure security measures, conduct commissioning testing.

  • Eligibility requirements: Six years progressive experience in the security field and Diploma. Holders must recertify every 3 years and supply supporting evidence to prove they are maintaining currency in this feild.

  • Tenure: 600hrs


NZQA: National Diploma in Security Level 6

The NDiS is New Zealands highest undergraduate security qualification, there are only 4 holders of this qualification. A competency based training program that covers the following subject matter:

  • Interpret and apply security related law.

  • Conduct security surveys

  • Produce security risk assessments

  • Develop security policy and procedure

  • Develop security operational plans

  • Apply security techniques and hardware to minimise risk

  • Tenure: 2.5 years

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